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Studying Systemic Racism

Definition of Systemic Racism (Structural Racism)

​Systemic racism is defined by the Aspen Institute as:

“A system in which public policies, institutional practices, cultural representations, and other norms work in various, often reinforcing ways to perpetuate racial group inequity. It identifies dimensions of our history and culture that have allowed privileges associated with ‘whiteness’ and disadvantages associated with ‘color’ to endure and adapt over time. Structural racism is not something that a few people or institutions choose to practice. Instead it has been a feature of the social, economic and political systems in which we all exist.”

BLACKLIVESMATTER: Anti-Racist Resources

New York Institute of Technology Library has collected a list of resources to examine anti-racist thought.

National Data on Police Violence

Less Punishment, More Justice by David Cole

"How Police Unions Fight Reform" by William Finnegan

Accountability: End “The Police Policing the Police” in Albany by Janet Rothacker

A Reflection on White Privilege by Bob Blackmon

How Jim Crow Shaped America

Jim Crow and the deep wounds it inflicted on American society are not relegated to the past tense. Learn about the growth, death and legacy of Jim Crow laws.

Read here

How to Dismantle White Supremacy

Read a powerful article written by local author, Barbara Smith in The Nation.

Read here

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