Symposium Activities


Week 1: October 5th - 11th       View Calendar

Explore the impact that systemic racism in policing has had on destroying the lives and families of Black community members throughout the Capital Region and the US.



Video Premiere (Wednesday 10/7 7pm)

Robert Worden, UAlbany Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice, gives a presentation on Community Policing and Police Reform.       Watch Here   

Video Premiere (Friday 10/9 7pm)

Community Voices: Discussing the impact of systemic racism on communities.

Watch Shawn Young, co-founder of ‘All of Us’, speak with fellow community members about how systemic racism affects their community and what needs to be done to destroy it.       Watch Here   

Video Premiere (Sunday 10/11 7pm)

Dr. Green, executive director of The Center for Law and Justice, with Robin DiAngelo, author of White Fragility in an illuminating discussion on the far-reaching impacts of systemic racism.       Watch Here   



Should we Police Our Police? (Video)

The people of the United States are not united on how they view law enforcement officers. But the majority would like to see some type of police reform. If we started over today, would we increase national regulations on the thousands of individual police departments across the country? Watch video


CFLJ Pathways to Reformative Change 2019 (Report)

The Time for Reckoning symposium is part of a two-year-long project organized by the Center for Law and Justice (CFLJ) in response to the shooting of 19-year-old African-American Ellazar Williams by Albany Police Department Detective James Olsen. The CFLJ then conducted research on the relationship between communities of color and the Albany police department and district attorney's office and called Albany government officials to take action against systemic racism. Read report

Albany Run/Walk/Rally for Black Lives 5.30.2020 (Video)

In response to the tragic murders of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, Nina Pop in Missouri, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia members of the Albany community, All Of Us Community Action Group, Citizen Action of New York, Justice4Dahmeek, and other community groups held a speak out and then participated in a run/walk in solidarity with protests being held in Minneapolis, Georgia and numerous other cities around the nation. Watch video

Amnesty International’s Deadly Force Report (Report)

This report is primarily based on a state-by-state legislative survey of use of lethal force statutes within the United States. This report is based primarily on a review of each state’s statute on the use of lethal force by law enforcement officials. It is not intended to provide a comprehensive review of all of the issues related to use of lethal force by law enforcement in the United States. From 2015, the report focuses on the use of lethal force by law enforcement officers in the United States – that is, principally the use of firearms – an overall change in approach to all aspects of use of force by law enforcement is needed, as at present, police consider use of force to be a normal part of policing operations rather than the exception. Read report


Fixing the Force Investigations (Activity)

Since 1994, the Justice Department has had the power to investigate law enforcement agencies nationwide for a pattern or practice of civil-rights violations. Federal officials can then compel departments with systemic problems to enter agreements to reform. Explore the investigations by location, date, allegation or status, then click for more details about each case.  


Learn about the recently passed SAFER NEW YORK ACT legislation

See/Learn/Act for Civic Engagement/Police Reform

Lesson Plan: Working Together to Realize Our Shared Ideals

This lesson plan is built around these essential questions

  1. What ideals unite us as a nation?

  2. What factors divide us despite our shared ideals?

  3. How can we work together to overcome the divisions in our society?



Week 2: October 12th - 18th       View Calendar

Examine what reforms police departments and attorney general offices can make to rebuild trust with the community.



Video Premiere (Wednesday 10/14 7pm)

Watch the recorded interview with Susan Burton, author of the book ‘Becoming Ms. Burton’ on October 14th at 7 pm. In her book, Susan Burton recounts her own journey through the criminal justice system and her transformation into a life of advocacy.

   Watch Here   

Video Premiere (Sunday 10/18 7pm)

Amnesty International USA's Roger-Mark De Souza in conversation about Amnesty International's campaign to call international attention to police violence in the US, with Paul Grondahl of the NY Writers Institute.  

   Watch Here   




Justice in Policing Act (Report & Video)

Read the full text of the Democrats’ Justice in Policing Act. Then, expand on your learning on the Justice in Policing Act by viewing this clip and engage in the connected content and activities.


Reform of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (Report)

A dozen or more cities are working on a police reform process, part of a broader 1994-era law, the  Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. 


Learn about the police reform process, the efforts from the cities partaking in such efforts and subsequent reform agreements under the previous Presidential administration.  


Learn about the complicated legacy of the 1994 bill, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act and the subsequent measures that followed it. 


Albany LEAD Program (Report)

In April 2016, the city of Albany implemented the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program.  Learn more about the Albany program and learn about the national LEAD efforts with the LEAD National Support Bureau and read the first year report.

Six Words About Race (Activity)

Partake in this six word project. Here’s how it works: think about the word Race. How would you distill your thoughts, experiences or observations about race into one sentence that only has six words? Try it.

One World Posters (Media)

The One World posters featured in Teaching Tolerance magazine are a reader favorite, which is why they’ve made them available for download. Click the thumbnail for an image file, suitable for your device wallpaper or click on the pdf to download.



Week 3: October 19th - 25th       View Calendar

Learn how communities can transform their relationship with law enforcement and policing to build a more equitable society. Explore the following resources to gain detailed knowledge of recent government policy at the state and local level that is aiding in the fight against systemic racism in the justice and policing system.



Video Premiere (Wednesday 10/21 7pm)

​Authors Mindy & Robert Fullilove discuss their book Main Street: How a City’s Heart Connects Us All, with Dr. Alice Green of the Center for Law and Justice.

   Watch Here   

Video Premiere (Monday 10/26 9pm)

“The Time for Reckoning: Confronting Systemic Racism, Seeking Justice and Reimagining Society” premieres October 26th at 9:00pm on WMHT's NY Now.

   Watch Here   

The Safer NY Act

June 2020 saw the passage and signing of the Safer NY Act.  This signing into law by Gov. Cuomo comes after years of organizing, advocacy and effort by many community groups, organizations and individuals. 

The signing into law of the Safer NY Act brings with it the passage of three critical priorities: the Repeal of 50-A, the Police STAT Act and the Special Prosecutor law.

Use of Force Reform

As conversations and legislation around police reform continue across the nation and New York State, the topic of use of force comes up regularly.  Many feel that New York State needs stricter Use of Force laws.

Racial Impact Statement Policy

Racial impact statements are a tool for lawmakers to evaluate potential disparities of proposed legislation prior to adoption and implementation. In guiding the creation of fair criminal justice policies, racial impact statements may be prepared by a number of agencies, including sentencing commissions, budget and fiscal agencies, and departments of corrections.



Week 4: October 26th - 31st       View Calendar

Discuss how to hold elected officials accountable in doing the work to destroy systemic racism in the Capital Region.


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